Organo Gold is a global Network Marketing company on a mission to spread knowledge of Ganoderma to the entire world. The company vision is to help people improve their lives by reaching new levels of wellness, prosperity and balance, through the opportuni provides vital services and free resources for patients and families affected by mesothelioma and most up to date information on asbestos exposure.

Global trading

The Global fund for Christ
Christ global fund

FX Fund managers is a brokerage sister firm to Basumi charged with the responsibilty of dealership and linking enteprises
Construction Education and Training Authority influences the course of training and skills development in the construction sector.

mining qualification authority advises and provide accreditation for health and safety .
Sell all PPE and other safety equipment in Johannesburg

National Association for Black Contractors and Allied Trades. Advise Contractors and allied trades on Construction matters and Occupational health and safety.
National Home Builders Registration Council registers houses and is also responsible for quality assurance in building construction.

Construction Industry Development Board. Registration of Construction Companies and grading. Training of new entrants in Occupational health and safety.